3 Cliches About Caller ID To Avoid

Even the best things in life have its cliches. Here are 3 that you should surely avoid when referring to CallApp. 

Caller ID is only to prevent spammers & unwanted calls

This cliche really couldn’t be less true. While knowing who’s calling you is surely helpful in preventing unwanted callers such as spammers from reaching you, Caller ID offers far more than just that.  It can also help you answer your calls from desired callers with more confidence (such as job recruiters) and can allow you to return missed calls without any awkwardness. These are also, of course, only a few of endless examples of how Caller ID can benefit you on a daily basis. 

A woman in a beige coat speaking on the phone
Don’t believe the cliche’s you hear

Caller ID doesn’t really work

While this might be true for certain applications and built-in technologies on your smartphone, when it comes to CallApp, this is one seriously false cliche. With CallApp, you can rest assured that it’s advanced technology based on an AI, hierarchy algorithm doesn’t just ‘work’ but it also identifies more numbers than any other technology ever has.  CallApp identifies numbers that aren’t saved as contacts, verifies these numbers, and even identifies numbers from social media messaging platforms. 

Caller ID isn’t really necessary

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that Caller ID isn’t necessary, well then, you better think again. You might be likely to have never gotten yourself into a sticky situation, but it’s really just a matter of time until you realize how crucial it really is. And even if you don’t? Why run that risk when you’ve got CallApp to do all the work for you?