App Features

Caller ID

Automatically identify the Caller ID, telemarketing & spam calls, blacklist unwanted callers, search for unknown numbers, block SMS, identify messages and calls from messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber etc.

Call Blocker

Blocking phone calls from telemarketers has never been easier!
Automatically see who is the true caller behind the call and find relevant info using just a simple tap!

Call Recorder

Our advanced & automatic Call Recorder let’s you record incoming and outgoing phone calls.
You can even share your recordings on social media.


Advanced Contact book:
Get more info from your phone contact list:
 pictures, birthdays, location, social media info including recent posts and much more!

backup icon


Never worry about losing a file again! Backup your contacts, call recordings, and even your video ringtones in just a few clicks without downloading another app!

Search & find any name or number in the world using our smart search system. You can even search for places such as restaurants, businesses and so on.

Call Themes

Our personalized video ringtones allows you to relive your favorite memories at every ring! Upload any video as your call screen or choose from unique pre-made screens! 

incognito mode

Incognito mode lets you make anonymous phone calls, so contacts will never appear on your call log and your privacy will be protected!

Our Call reminder feature allows you to easily add a call reminder to the app or to your calendar app and
ensure you never forget important calls.


Our personalized analytics & insights feature provides all the data you could ever want about your calling behaviors and patterns.

Drive mode

Stay safe with our car mode widget – allowing you to answer your calls hands-free without leaving your navigation screen.


Our Notes feature allows you to add a short note to a certain contact, so you’ll know exactly who is it.

Who Viewed My Profile

Who Viewed My Profile

The all-new Who Viewed My Profile features allows you to discover who’s checking you out! Unlock all views with a Premium subscription. 

Post Call Card

Post Call Card

Just got off a call and can’t remember what you wanted to do? The Post Call Card offers you all the options without having to think twice, or even click twice!

Long Tap

Long Tap

Spending too much time searching for a specific action? The Long Tap feature allows you to do it all with just one single long tap.

See your contact’s birthday in just a click. You can also send a beautiful greeting card using cool greeting themes!

Callapp plus


CallApp+ identifies any number that goes through your messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, SMS, etc.

Refer & Earn

Invite your friends to install CallApp in order to earn yourself a free Premium subscription!