3 Tips To Make A Killer Call

Are you tired of being basic? Are you tired of getting off the phone and wishing that you had done better? That you would have said something a little extra, and left really left your mark? Are you ready to become a professional at making killer calls? And no, we’re not trying to sell you some kind of confidence-building crash course.  We’re just here to give you some simple tips and tell you how our free app can help you make the change you’ve always wanted. 

A man in a suit sitting and holding a phone
Make the change you’ve always wanted

#1 –  Record all your calls

The time has come, once and for all, to start recording all of your calls. Not because you don’t trust people, but because, maybe you don’t trust yourself, or better yet – your memory. If you want to impress the heck of your co-workers or even your family, show them how much you recalled from your previous conversation, down to even the smallest of details. Next time around, you’re bound to blow them away with your calling skills. 

#2 – Take in-app notes

Similar to recording your calls, you can also take notes during any call. And while you’re at it, rather than scrambling to find a pen and paper, you can take them inside of CallApp and even make/save those notes under a contact’s details. That way, next time the two of you converse, you’ll have that important information right on hand without looking any further.  If that’s not a way to make a killer call, then we don’t know what is! 

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Learn how to make killer calls with CallApp

#3 – Use personalized reminders 

Our personalized reminders are the ultimate way to make a killer call. Whether you’re being reminded to return a missed call or reminded to try again a number that has yet to answer you, you’re bound to be more on top of your calls more than ever, and in turn, be a total professional at making killer calls.