4 App Myths Debunked

The time has arrived for you to get rid of any negative beliefs you may have about apps, or at least, the fact that one or two potential faults applies to all apps.  Here are 4 popular myths about apps that we’re about to debunk, especially when it comes to CallApp. 

Myth: All Apps Steal Your Data

While unfortunately some apps do in fact take your personal data, not all apps are created equal. Many apps actually make your privacy their number one priority.  CallApp, for example, is a free Android app that keeps your data to themselves, and will only ever use it to offer you more personalized features. 

A person holding an iPhone in front of a laptop
We’re here to debunk all those myths.

Myth: All Apps Are Complicated To Use

Like we mentioned before, not all apps are created equal. Similar to people, everyone is different. Some people are more closed off, making the process of getting to know them a slow one. Others, similar to CallApp, are more open and make getting to them a much simpler, faster process.  We’re constantly working on making our app as user-friendly as possible, and ensuring that you make the most of all our features. 

Myth: All The Good Apps Are Only on iOS

Many people are convinced that all the good apps are either only available for iOS devices, or that they make it there first and then are stuck waiting endlessly for it to arrive on Android. Thankfully, this myth really couldn’t be more false!  In fact, CallApp is actually only available on Android. 

A woman wearing a coat and holding her phone
Not all apps are created equal.

Myth: All Apps Are A Waste Of Money

Some apps are free, some are reasonably priced, and some are a little costly. Once again, not all apps are created equal, which is why it’s a false myth to believe that all apps are a waste of money. It’s important to understand that some apps are surely worth your while and can contribute to your well-being in a variety of ways, such as CallApp that helps protect you from scammers and be more productive in your calling.