4 Invaluable CallApp Insights

One of our most recent additions to CallApp, analytics, and insights, offers invaluable personalized data about your calling behaviors and patterns. And while everyone is of course different, there are 4 specific insights that are without a doubt of incredible use to just about everyone.  So what are they exactly? 

1.Who really calls who more often?

Perhaps you feel as though your relationships are really one-sided – that you’re the only one making the effort, but you’re not sure if you’re just extra sensitive right now. Well, how about looking at your percentage of incoming vs. outgoing calls to see what the real numbers are? You can also even see these percentages between you and each of your contacts.  

The incoming vs. outgoing insight can also help reveal the fact that maybe you’re being a little too needy towards your friends and family right now, and that it’s time to take a few steps back. Either way, this is one insight that we all could surely benefit from. 

A woman with data projecting on her face
What does your calling data say about you?

2. Who are you spending most of your phone time with? 

You might think that you spend most of your time on the phone with your friends, but you might be rather surprised to see this insight on your personal CallApp profile. Perhaps it’s actually your mother, or maybe even your boss.   Regardless, it’s always useful to know where we’re actually spending most of our time because we’re often unaware of the reality of our situations.  The feature will tell you not only who you call the most often, but also who you spend the most time on the phone with. 

3. Who do you avoid the most often?

Similar to how it’s interesting to know who you spend most of your phone time with, it’s also of interest to know who you’re avoiding the most – meaning who’s calls you miss the most.  Perhaps there’s a specific reason for this? Maybe some changes need to be made in your life? That’s for you to decide with the insights provided for you. 

Three girls looking at a phone screen
Discover unique insights about your relationships

4. How many calls are being blocked for you? 

Another valuable insight provided for you from CallApp is how many calls were blocked for you by the app, and how many numbers were identified as spam. And while in many cases we don’t really have control of who has access to our number  it can still be a warning sign to be more cautious about sharing our information.  It’s also an important reminder of how effective CallApp truly is – and that’s it’s completely worth the space on our phone.