4 Ways CallApp Can Help You Be A Better Friend

While we have no doubt that you’re a great friend – we can all always improve in one way or another.  Every day is an opportunity to challenge ourselves and move forward.  So if you’re ready to take those steps and make that difference, here are 4 simple ways that CallApp can help make you an even better friend. 

A group of friends hanging out outside
Be the best friend you can possibly be with CallApp

Be More Present 

As much as you surely love and care for your friends, many of us are often distracted by our phones and feel the need to answer every call,  especially if we don’t know who’s calling. More often than not, the calls we receive aren’t urgent, but due to the possibility, we can’t resist the urge to answer, even if we’re deep into conversation. By always knowing who’s calling you with Caller ID, we can prevent these situations, and be far more present with our friends. 

Always Call Them Back In A Timely Manner

While missed call reminders are (almost) always great, if you have too many missed calls on your hands, then too many notifications will surely not be too helpful, but rather kind of overwhelming actually.  That’s why we’ve got AI technology to offer personalized missed call reminders that understands your calling behaviors in order to send you only the reminders you really want to be receiving (well, more frequent reminders for the more important calls). That way you can always be sure to return your best friend’s calls in a timely manner. 

A group of girlfriends posing in a black and white photograph
Show your besties the love and respect they deserve.

Remember The Small Details

We know that between work, friends and family, it’s quite the challenge to remember every small detail of your calls. But that’s why we’ve got a call recording feature to allow you to listen to your past calls whenever you feel like you need to do so. Show your friends what an incredible friend you truly are by always paying attention to what they’re saying! 

Ringtones You Want To Hear

We all have that one friend with the super annoying ringtone that she thinks is super catchy but if we hear it one more time we don’t even know what we’re going to do.  Well, you can be a great friend not only but setting your ringtones as ones that everyone wants to hear and see – but can also set a different ringtone for each contact, and ones that show your favorite video memories together.