4 Ways Spam Is Bad For Your Health

While 2020 so far didn’t exactly turn out as expected, it’s still safe to say that we’re living in a world far more health-conscious than ever before.  So why is it that spam still exists in our daily lives, even though it’s damaging to our health and well being? Well, before we delve into that, let’s discuss the 4 ways that spam is bad for your health…. and no, we’re not talking about the canned meat, although that’s not so healthy either. 

1.Spam Causes Stress

There’s no doubt that spam calls cause unnecessary stress and more worries to our lives, especially when you’re unsure if you’re receiving an important call or one that’s going to drive you crazy and waste your time. To answer or not to answer? That is the question, and that’s also exactly what’s hurting our health. 

A stressed out man holding his head
Spam calls cause unnecessary stress

2.Spam Causes Headaches

 Let’s say we do decide to answer the phone and end up with an unwanted spam call, they often leave us with nothing short of a massive headache that we can’t seem to get rid of no matter what we do, once again – harming our health. 

3.Spam Causes A Lack Of Sleep 

You’re likely already aware of the fact that spam callers are quite ruthless. What this also means is that they have no problem calling you at any hour of the night – and if you’re unlucky enough to either hear your phone ring, and even worse actually answer the call, it’s going to take a toll on your sleep patterns. 

A woman laying in bed with her hands over her head
Don’t lose sleep over spam

4.Spam Causes Agitation 

While you’re very likely a patient, sweet person, after receiving far too many spam calls, it’s only human to start to get agitated from all these frustrating calls – and even to lose your patience when you receive a call from a friend or family member that really meant no harm. 

To make a long story short, spam poses a major toll on our health and there’s no reason we should allow it to, especially in this century.  And that’s why CallApp exists – to help you identify and block spam calls, protecting your health and well-being, one number at a time.