4 Ways To Bring Speaking On The Phone Back

Nowadays, speaking on the phone just isn’t what it once was. For some reason, our generation prefers to send a message rather than actually pick up the phone and make a call, even though oftentimes, things get lost in translation, misunderstood or misinterpreted. So why do we still to no fail always opt for a text over a phone?  Well, maybe we’re worried about being caught off guard, unable to carefully think through our response, or maybe we’re worried about forgetting details of the call?

Either way, here are 4 simple ways that CallApp can help you bring back speaking on the phone to your life because our parents and grandparents sure had a lot less confusion back in the day. 

A woman sitting on the floor of a modern office speaking on the phone
Together, we can bring calling back.

1.Caller ID

Picture this: every time your phone rings, you know exactly who’s calling. Wouldn’t that make you much more likely to actually want to answer and use your phone for calling? Wouldn’t that help you remove the fear of being caught off guard, not knowing what to say and how to react?  Wouldn’t it make your life so much easier and help you feel just as confident as you do when you send a text message? Of course it would. 

2.Call Blocking

Not only can you always know who’s calling with CallApp, but you can even block any number your heart desires. Wouldn’t that also make you more inclined to start turning to calling again? You’d never have to worry again about speaking to someone you don’t want to be. 

A hand holding a smartphone
We’re here to make calling great again.

3.Call Recording

If you think the only way to remember a conversation is by having it documented through text messages, well, then you are very mistaken. Or you just have yet to become familiar with CallApp’s call recording feature, that allows you to save your calls and listen to them as much as you need. 

4.Personalized Call Reminders 

If you think that you’ll never be able to keep with all your calls and need to text in order to manage all the people you want to speak to, well then you are also very mistaken! With our personalized missed call reminders and ‘who didn’t answer me’ reminders, you are more than set and will never have to worry again, even receiving more frequent reminders about the calls that are most important to you.