7 Reasons Why You Need CallApp Analytics & Insights

If you’re not yet completely convinced that you absolutely need CallApp’s all-new analytics and insights feature, then here are 7 hilarious and undeniable reasons that will surely do the trick. 

Because Who Actually Knows Where Their Time Goes?

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CallApp’s personalized analytics tells you exactly how your phone time is spent, providing you with the friendly wakeup call you might need right now.

Because Maybe You’re More Popular Than You Think

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You might be feeling like you haven’t been getting enough attention lately, but if you check your analytics and insights you might be pleasantly surprised to see how many incoming calls you truly get.

Or Maybe, You’ve Gotten Way Ahead Of Yourself

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In the same sense, checking your personalized analytics and insights might show you that you’ve been making slightly too many outgoing calls. It might be time to take a step back, or two, or three…. And let your friends breathe.

Because It’s Time To Stop Avoiding Your Calls

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If your analytics and insights show that you’ve been missing most of your calls, well then it might be time to stop running away from your responsibilities and face them once and for all. But that’s totally your call…we’re just here to show you the data.

And Maybe It’s Time To Get A Girlfriend Too

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Our incredible feature can also tell you who your most frequent caller is, but also who you spend the most time on the phone with. And if it’s your mom? While that’s really cute and all, it might be time to get a girlfriend and check your year of birth.

Or Perhaps Its Time To Get Some Work Done

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The work from home struggle is real. But you’re surely still killing it, not letting anything (or anyone distract you). Or are you? Check out your analytics and insights to see how many calls from your boss you actually managed to answer. That might start to explain things.

Or Maybe It’s Time To Get Some Sleep

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Your analytics and insights will even tell you when you’re on the phone the most – during the day or at night. If most of your calls have been made at night – it might be time to get some sleep, and may explain why you’ve been so tired lately. 

Check your analytics before you **** yourself. 

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