7 Surprising Facts About CallApp

While you may think you know just about everything about CallApp as a dedicated and grateful user, perhaps there are certain things about our incredible app and company that you weren’t yet aware of.

We hope to shock you and sweep you off your feet like a hunky guy that just took off his shirt. Or at least the very least, come close to it! 

think about things differently

#1. CallApp’s offices are located in Tel Aviv, Israel…one of the coolest places on earth that offers the perfect combination of city and beach life. That’s where all the magic happens.

#2. CallApp’s basic features are free, and will always be free thanks to advertisers that make this possible.

#3. CallApp supports over 200 countries. So probably whatever country you can possibly think of, we’ve got it covered.

#4. We have a dog on our team named Shakira. She’s in charge of the food.

#5. CallApp has been ranked as the NUMBER 1 Caller ID app in all of North America (thank you for the round of applause).

#6. CallApp has helped save the lives of thousands of people, whether it be for security reasons or to help them seal a well-paying job. We’ve got no shortage of success stories.

#7. CallApp has a new feature that can actually help you organize your missed calls, and help you figure out which to return more urgently. 

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