A New Way To Think About Calling

What do you think about calling? Do you view it as an annoying, stressful experience? Do calls overwhelm you? Maybe you see calling as something that you couldn’t live without?  Do you see calling as the greatest thing to have ever happened? Well, these are all very normal feelings that we would surely agree with, and that’s why our app is here to offer you a new way to think about calling – of course, still with the understanding of the incredible importance and benefits of calling. 

What does this mean exactly?

It means that here at CallApp, we take out any unnecessary or unwanted aspects of the calling experience. Yes, you heard that right, we actually help you filter through your calling experience to ensure that calling for you is really only a positive one that doesn’t cause you even the slightest of stress. 

A trendy man smiling as he speaks on the phone
Calling should always be a positive experience.

So how in the world do we do that? 

Good question. Well, for starters, our Caller ID feature allows you to always know who’s calling, and in turn, never have to answer a call from someone who you didn’t want to speak to, or maybe even just someone who you didn’t want to speak to when they called.  By always knowing who’s calling you, you also never have to worry about answering right away, thinking that it might be an important call that can’t wait.  It also avoids the awkwardness of calling back asking who this is. Oh and don’t get us started on spammers, scammers and telemarketers and how Caller ID can save you all those headaches… 

A man laughing as he holds his phone
Smile at every ring with custom video ringtones

Our Call Blocking feature is also another no-fail way to ensure a positive calling experience – allowing you to prevent any unwanted number from even wasting a ring on your phone and a sigh of your breath. And if these features weren’t already enough to change your perspective on calling, then how about some customizable video ringtones? With CallApp, there’s literally no reason in the world to not get super excited about your phone ringing.