All The Situations That Caller ID Saves Us From

While one obvious benefit of Caller ID  is to avoid spammers and telemarketers from scamming us, there are also many other advantages of Caller ID that are absolutely undeniable, and especially so when it comes to personal situations that we’re trying to avoid. We’re sure you can think of no shortage of times when Caller ID had your back and was there to save the day. Right? 

A girl with purple hair on the phone
Always know who’s calling you

How about when you accidentally gave someone your actual phone number last night while at a party? You don’t remember what they even look like or who they are. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and that’s exactly why Caller ID is such a magical invention. All you need is a vague idea of what their name was to know it’s them calling, and to avoid answering the phone at all costs.  

Or how about all of those times when your friend asks for a favor yet again? You’ve already done more than you’re capable of, and really don’t have it in you anymore to put your work aside to go help them move or babysit their kid. Well, if you know they’re calling, you obviously don’t have to answer and be available exactly when they need you.  Caller ID is the ultimate key to making sure that all your favorite shows get watched in the way they deserve to – with a complete binge-out. 

A girl walking her dog in the forest and speaking on the phone
Never get yourself in a unwanted situation.

And what about all those times you were just about to step out of the office, and then all of a sudden your boss decides to give you a call? Well, that’s too bad, because you obviously just didn’t see the call before you left the office, right? Right. Thank you again, dear Caller ID.  And when you’re just not up for that crash course on life from your mother? Well, you’re covered here too. 

Caller ID, we really just can’t thank you enough. Download CallApp today to always know who’s calling you.