Another CallApp Success Story

CallApp was recently sent this testimony from a user who was grateful to have been saved against a scam.  We’re always proud to see that our hard work helps protect innocent people, and also, of course, to see that it does not go unnoticed.  The user has requested to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, but has shared her story for us to help warn the rest of the world against these kinds of scams, and also to know how CallApp can how in handy even when communicating over Whatsapp or other messaging apps. 

A blonde woman searching a number on CallApp
CallApp offers reverse phone number lookup

”Corona, as it was for most of the world, created a fear of financial instability. I decided to sell my computer, feeling as though it wasn’t an absolute necessity right now.  I posted about it online on a local forum.  A few people reached out to me but everyone had a different issue with the device, looking for something very specific, or feeling as though the asking price was too high.  I eventually gave up on the thought of selling my computer, thinking that no one would want to purchase it for a fair price and that I was better off just keeping it.

A few weeks later, someone reached out to me who didn’t seem to have any issues with the price, nor did they with the device. In fact, they really didn’t ask very many questions at all.  She seemed a little ‘too enthusiastic’ but I assumed it was probably someone that was just very nice and excited to find a second-hand computer.  

Without discussing too much, she then sent me a message offering me even more than the asking price, since I will be ‘taking care of the shipping and handling to send the computer abroad.  This was already quite strange since we had never discussed such a thing.  She also went into detail about how the computer was a surprise for her son whose birthday is tomorrow – meaning there’s a rush to send the package over for it to arrive on time. 

She agreed to even ‘pay me in advance’ with her higher than the asking price offer, although we also never even discussed how much the shipping was going to cost.  She also asked me to confirm right away that I agree to the deal. 

The whole thing sounded rather strange, especially since she was messaging me from across the globe while the posting was made on a local forum.  But what if someone was really willing to buy my computer and pay such a large fee? How could I pass up this offer? I then remembered hearing that CallApp actually allows you to look up numbers and can identify them as a scam. 

So I went and downloaded the app for free and within minutes I was able to see that her number was already recognized as a scam by CallApp.  Thank you for CallApp for saving me from being totally scammed. She probably would have had me send my computer over and would have somehow avoided paying me or have canceled the transaction.” 

Scams are becoming more and more malicious, and harder to recognize. Be wary, trust your instincts, and know that CallApp will always be there for you!