Call Reminders

We are all busy during our day to day lives.
Whether you are a working mother that needs to juggle business deadlines and family duties, or a student who is trying to study for exams while handling your waitressing job. No matter who you are, life gets busy and it is hard to remember everything.

Woman checking phone for call reminder

CallApp recognizes this and has created features specifically for helping us out when we need a little nudge or a reminder when it comes to connecting to your contacts.
One of these features is Call Reminders – a feature that is designed to give you that nudge and help you stick to those phone calls you promised to make during your busy day.
Whether it is a business associate, your grandmother on her birthday, or your son’s big exam, you will never forget an important call again.

How Call reminders work

Our Call Reminders feature is as simple as it is effective. It allows you to add a call reminder to the app, or to your favorite calendar app.
All you need to do is scroll through to the contact you need and set a call reminder whether it is after a phone call, if you miss a call, or just by searching the contact itself.

Call reminder

This can be done either through CallApp or by a native device. Just a few simple steps and you ensure you will never forget to make that important call again.

Why It Is Worth It

You may think Call Reminders is more of a fancy gadget than a necessity, but this is not the case. Think about how you feel when that call you have been waiting anxiously to receive just does not come your way.

Woman talking on the phone

Avoid causing anyone to feel that way, and improve your relationships whether it with co-workers, family members, or friends. Never forget an important call again by taking a few seconds to use our Call Reminder feature to its full potential.