CallApp’s Contacts App

While CallApp may be used primarily as a Call Blocker and Caller ID, there are so many exciting features in the app that make your life that much easier. On the top of the list is CallApp’s contacts app- a smart phonebook which does way more than just store phone numbers.

Upgraded Phonebook Features

There was a time where you had to manually type in the name of the contact and their number in your phone in order to save them to your device. A time where the only information stored in your contacts list was a name and a number. Those days are over thanks to CallApp’s contacts app which has completely modernized the phonebook experience.

One of the best parts is the complete profiles you are given of your contacts. When you store a contact, you will not only have a name and a number at your disposal. CallApp gives you the full
picture by sinking and updating your contact with as much info as possible gathered from social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

What you are left with is a total wholesome experience. Our CallApp users can scroll through their phonebook and be handed info such as photos, mutual friends, and more!



Just when you thought CallApp’s contacts app couldn’t get any better, it does!
Those users with CallApp+ have an even easier and smoother phonebook experience. Not only does CallApp sync their contacts data from their social media networks, but it also automatically updates your contact list at the click of a button!

Any unfamiliar number that comes your way, whether it is though WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, or text will automatically be saved in your contact list with all the info attached through just one click. This is an incredibly unique feature which gives our users the power to reveal and save the Caller ID no matter where the message is coming from.

Where It Comes into Play:

CallApp’s smart phonebook and ID+ are both features that we created to upgrade our user’s experience, so in what situations do they come into play?

Insight on contacts: Just say you get a name and a number of a member from a company you wish to work for. Our upgraded phonebook accesses relevant social media for all contacts and gives you the upper hand in doing some research into their likes, hobbies, and more in order to know how to best approach them. The same thing goes for all other contacts! Say your co-worker gives you the name and number of a guy she thinks you will hit it off with, well now you also have their social media to do some searching and see how to best approach them and find common interests!

No more messages from unknown numbers: Our ID + users have an even smoother experience when it comes to using their phone and messaging apps. One of the worst feelings is getting a text, Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram from an unknown number. You are always left wondering how to approach this. Do you ask who it is and risk seeming rude? Do you spend ages trying to find out whose number this could be? With ID + these worries are put to rest since our Caller ID will automatically identify the message from all platforms!


Why It’s Worth It?

Our contacts app feature truly transforms your experience when it comes to your phone. Firstly, CallApp users are given the power of information. When you scroll through your contact list, you are not just faced with names and numbers but you are handed a full identity package complete with pictures, social media information, and more which puts you at the power seat when it comes to knowing how to approach anyone from a friend, to a crush, to a co-worker.

Our ID+ users also have the major advantage of never ever having to guess who is trying to message them. Whether an unknown number texts you, WhatsApps you, messages you on Viber, Telegram or any other text apps, you will not only have their name handed to you on a silver platter, you will be able to save that name to your contacts in one second!

Information is power and CallApp’s contacts app is one of the most powerful features on the market.