CallApp’s Caller ID 

Changing the Face of Your Calling Experience

If you are part of the CallApp community, you already understand the enhanced calling experience we offer you. Our Caller ID feature instantly identifies whoever is on the other line, letting you rest easy knowing exactly who you are about to deal with and having the upper hand in all conversations.

Normal Caller ID on your phone works great when you have the number saved on your phonebook, but when it comes to all those numbers you don’t recognize, CallApp solves the problem. Whether it is recognizing a telemarketer or getting ready to impress a high profiled businessman, Caller ID has got you covered.


How It Works:

While our phone number search bar works for everyone, even those who have yet to download CallApp, in order for Caller ID to work when receiving a call one must first download our free CallApp application

You also need to have a 3G, 4G or a Wi-Fi connection for Caller ID to make a lookup in our CallApp service. Our caller app makes a match between the phone number and a name within our database which is one of the largest in the world consisting of 3 billion numbers of individuals and businesses.

Who Does It Identify?

The app is designed to identify any caller, individual or business, that are not saved in your phonebook. On top of that, it also identifies potential telemarketers, harassment calls or even fraud. CallApp provides a built-in service which allows users to mark a call as spam which then notifies other users if they receive a call from that number. On top of that, CallApp also has a Call Blocker service when you can black any number you see is a spam caller or telemarketer.

Where It Comes into Play:

Not only does this Caller ID and phone number search feature take away that anxiety one gets when receiving calls from a strange number, but it puts you back in the driving seat. Knowledge is everything and knowing who is on the line is the basis of knowing how to deal with the conversation.

Is it a telemarketer or a spam call you need not waste any time on and block immediately? Is it a close friend whose number you have lost? Or is it a business that’s about to offer you a job opportunity? Leave it to CallApp’s Caller ID to find out!