CallApp In 5 Words

If we had to describe our amazing app in just five simple words – here’s what they would be:






Here’s why we believe these five words best describe CallApp.

A young man on a video call with headphones.
Get empowered by CallApp


Knowledge is power. With CallApp, you have the ability to always know who’s calling you – and with that knowledge, you can decide what to do with it. Once you know who’s calling – you can either answer the call, ignore the call, call them back later, or even better, decide to block the caller. If that’s not empowerment, then we don’t know what is! 


There’s also no doubt about it that CallApp keeps its users safe – helping them prevent scam calls that too often take advantage of innocent people.  Our identification technology also helps parents make sure that their children are safe and allows them to track who’s been trying to get in touch with them. 


Not only does CallApp identify and block calls, but it’s AI technology also helps its loyal users stay on top of their calls and be more productive through its personalized missed call reminders, ‘who didn’t answer me’ reminders, smart note-taking features, call recording, and much, much more! Our app pretty much provides a free personal assistant to make sure all your calls (and life) are as organized as can be. 

An elderly man smiling as he makes a phone call
CallApp is here for all your calling needs


CallApp knows that it’s not just about work, work, work. We’ve got to play too, and that’s exactly why we offer endless customization features to allow you to have fun in the place that you spend most of your time (your phone).  Our customization features allow you to really make your calling experience your own – from personalized video ringtones, custom themes and skins, and endless other possibilities. 


CallApp is the essence of innovation. Not only does it have the largest phone number database in the world to identify any call from virtually any platform, but CallApp is also constantly offering its users new and improved features to make their everyday life all that much easier on every level possible.