Caller ID vs. Call Blocking

It’s always fun to compare things and put them up against each other, and that’s exactly why we’re going to take two of our most well-known features and do just that!

Caller ID allows you to always know who’s calling. But Call Blocking allows you to prevent any unwanted call from coming in from the get-go.

A man sitting at a desk and speaking on the phone
Take control of your calls.

Would you rather know who’s trying to reach you – or not be bothered by them in the first place?  If you block your ex-boyfriend, for example, you won’t receive his calls anymore,  which might be a major relief, but you might always be wondering if he’s still thinking about you. 

Caller ID also allows you to return any missed call since you know who the call was from- while with call blocking, well, the more the numbers you block, the fewer missed calls you’ll have, and in turn, fewer worries too. That’s again, up to you to decide whether you’d rather have the option to potentially return certain calls, or just erase the whole experience of that internal debate from your life. 

And for these very reasons, CallApp offers both of these unbeatable features, because we know that you can’t live with just one. We need both Caller ID and call blocking in our lives because they both serve different purposes, different people, and different moods. 

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Only answer the calls you want to receive.

We’re here for you and all your calling needs!