Car Mode

Your phone is ringing, you’re dying to answer it, especially since you’ve been waiting for this call all week, but you’re behind the wheel and know that you need to play it safe and not take any risks right now. What do you do? Our all-new car mode feature is here to help you safely answer your calls while on the road.  The innovative widget allows you to answer your calls hands-free, without ever leaving your navigation screen. 

How It Works

When you attempt to connect to Bluetooth, you’ll receive a pop-up asking you to choose your car’s Bluetooth device.  Once you’ve connected to the relevant device, you’re good to go. Next time you’re driving (make sure the device is still connected), when you receive a call you’ll see our car mode widget, allowing you to answer without ever leaving your navigation screen.  

Why Car Mode is Worthwhile

While you may think that answering your phone while driving is ‘no big deal’, it’s not only incredibly dangerous, but it’s also illegal. With all things being said, the car mode is worthwhile to keep yourself safe, out of trouble, and also to ensure that you never stress out about missing an important call. Car mode offers a simple and free solution to this common calling dilemma.