How CallApp Stops Vishing: An Exclusive Interview With Amit On

As usual, CallApp is here to save the day.  This time around, to combat the latest scam trend of ‘Vishing’. To our good fortune, the CEO himself, Amit On has decided to share with us in an exclusive interview how exactly CallApp manages to do so – and what to look out for. 

So what exactly is Vishing?

Most people have heard the term phishing,  regardless if they really know what it is, or if they’ve experienced it first hand. Phishing takes place over the internet and it’s when emails are sent in order to lead the victim to provide personal information without thinking twice or worrying about it – since the information is usually prompted by ‘official’ sounding agencies, such as the government, bank or hospital.  These types of scams know exactly how to get you, coming from a trustworthy source that presents themselves as having your best interests at heart- while unfortunately, they’ve got nothing but your wallet on their minds.  So when it comes to Vishing – it’s the exact same thing, but it’s done over the phone, and can be a lot riskier.’’

Why is this type of scam so dangerous? 

Vishing is far more dangerous than phishing (which is also no joke) for one main reason – and that’s because we are far more susceptible to falling for it.  Many of us have become aware of the dangers online and know to be skeptical about answering emails and providing information over the internet. But when it comes to the phone? It’s a whole other ball game.  The phone is not only far more personable than the internet, hearing a caring voice on the other end, but also provides a false sense of security.

Even with Caller ID technologies, many scammers are capable of finding ways around it and appearing on your screen as another number. This is known as ‘Caller ID spoofing’ and unfortunately isn’t always so easy to notice.  So when you receive a call from your ‘bank’ or ‘doctor’s office’ you’re really not left without much of a choice but to provide your personal information in order to get what you ‘think’ you need.  It’s simply a part of human nature. You may very well give your credit card number and social security number to a scammer and only discover the incredible mistake you made months later once it’s too late.’’ 

How can CallApp help protect innocent people? 

While scammers are capable of spoofing numbers, CallApp offers the most advanced Caller ID technology on the market. The software combines not only the world’s largest phone number database that’s also confirmed by other users, but the software also works on an AI, hierarchical system in order to ensure the most accurate identification.  That way, with CallApp, you can be confident that the number that appears on your screen – is really the number calling you!

On top of the advanced number identification technology,  CallApp also recognizes numbers as scams and allows you to block any that you may recognize yourself.  With all things being said, it’s safe to say that CallApp is here to keep you safe – and especially so when it comes to Vishing. ‘’ 

How much do these services cost? Are they accessible to everyone?

CallApp is a free app that’s accessible for everyone. Well, to be honest, it’s actually only available for Android users at the moment – but we really do hope to expand to iOS in order to really protect the entire world! Nonetheless, CallApp is available in over 198 countries and 22 languages – already serving over 100 million users. And while we do have Premium features for an upgraded experience, CallApp ensures that everyone that needs to be protected from scams can do so even if it’s not within their financial capabilities’’ 

What advice would you give to those looking to stay safe from these scams? 

‘‘First and foremost, despite the fact that I’m obviously biased – download CallApp! There’s no reason not to. It’s free, super easy to use, and for once actually does have your best interests at heart. Our app was created to protect people like you who are targeted by malicious scammers. But putting CallApp aside for a minute, it’s important to be just as wary on the phone as you are on the internet. It’s crucial to make sure that you’re always 1000% sure that who you’re talking to is really who you think you’re talking to – and that if anything feels off, trust your instinct.’’ 

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