How Caller ID Is Reshaping The Workforce

The future of calling is here – and it’s without a doubt reshaping the workforce (and life as we know it too).  Thanks to Caller ID, we’ve been able to become much more professional than we once were without even making too much of a conscious effort.  Even if you’re not currently on the search for a job, you can surely remember a time when you were. And this also generally means that you received no shortage of phone calls from numbers that weren’t saved in your contacts, right? 

A woman with short hair with her arms crossed
Show your co-workers they respect they deserve when they call.

It was always an awkward, uncomfortable and not exactly professional situation when you would answer the call without knowing who you’re speaking to, right? Unless, of course, you had Caller ID – to show you which company was calling. That way, you could show them how professional and serious you really are about the position, and that they aren’t ‘just another’ company that you decided to try your luck with.  You would know exactly how to answer if you had Caller ID – and in turn, would also be much more likely to actually score the job.

Caller ID however not only helps with professionalism when on the job hunt, but also when you’ve already started a job.  For example, you might not have the numbers of all your co-workers saved in your phone, but if they call you, you surely will want to want to answer with the respect that you would give them face-to-face. Oftentimes, when we receive calls from numbers we don’t recognize, we assume it’s someone trying to sell us something, and don’t always answer in the best, most polite way possible.  

A businessman with his thumbs up
Be more professional than ever before with Caller ID

And if you’re running a business? Well then there’s really nothing more valuable than Caller ID, as you’re going to want to ensure all your customers are given the VIP treatment, and are shown that their loyalty is truly valued.   As a business owner, you should also hope that your customers have Caller ID too, making them much more likely to not only answer your calls, but also trust you more too. 

With all things said, it’s safe to agree on the fact that Caller ID is a significant part of professionalism and the future of the workforce.   We’ll leave the rest up to you.