How To Get Rid Of Spammers

We all want to get rid of spammers. There’s no doubt about it. So how can we do so, other than of course, downloading unbeatable apps such as CallApp that allow us to both always know who’s calling and even block unwanted callers?  

Well, for starters, if you really want to get back at these spammers, what about calling them back and giving them a sweet taste of their very own medicine? And what about calling them during dinner time, when they are most unlikely to want to be bothered? Because have they ever really considered the value of your time? Probably not. 

A young trendy woman on the phone
Spammers don’t deserve our precious time

If you’ve got a young child at home – how about handing them the phone, and telling them the tooth fairy or Santa Clause is on the other line? That’s sure to go over well and be a pleasant experience for the spammer…or not! But that’s not your problem!  You can also try asking the spammer to repeat themselves endlessly, which will be sure to drive them mad, no matter how determined they are to trick you. The copy game is also always a super fun option, repeating back to them everything they say to you! 

A girl laughing on the phone
There are plenty of ways to joke around on a call

And what should you do if they’re asking for your credit card information. Well, of course give it to them, but just be sure to change the numbers each time they ask you to repeat it.  You can also always make animal noises to scare them away. 

But truth be told, while these are all funny ways to get rid of spammers, they aren’t the most long-term, let alone mature ways of dealing with these callers.  So do the right thing, don’t play games, and don’t create headaches for yourself. Stop scammers once and for all by sticking to CallApp,