How We Make Sure Our Database Is Accurate

Here at CallApp, our main goals are to both ensure that our users never receive spam calls, and that they also can identify any number – always knowing who is calling.
We believe that it’s everyone’s right to be protected, and do everything in our power to ensure that. 

So how do we ensure that the numbers in our database are accurate? Well, that’s a good question!
We work around the clock to constantly check and update our system, together with your help to both confirm that a number belongs to the assumed caller,  and if something is incorrect – to report that to us so that we can check it out right away.

A woman holding a laptop in front of many computers
Our database will never let you down!

We also count on your help to report numbers as spam – so that we can protect others from these callers, and have them marked as spam. 

Don’t worry – someone you had a disagreement with cant simply have you marked as spam – we do our thorough checks before finalizing anything. Although it would surely be a great way to seek revenge…’s not going to happen here, folks. 

It’s an ongoing process, and is truly a team effort that’s required to maintain our name as both the largest and the most reliable phone number database in the world. 

Hands all in together to represent teamwork
Ensuring that our database is accurate is a team effort – we appreciate your help!

So who are you looking up today?