Insights For Improvement

The first step in self-improvement is recognizing where we need to make changes. Otherwise, how can we know where to start and what needs to be done?  And that’s exactly why our personalized analytics and insights feature is here to help you make the behavior changes that you didn’t even know you needed to make.  

A man meditating next to a tree log
Our insights are the self-improvement tool of the future.

You might not even believe how much time you actually spend on the phone (or don’t spend on the phone) or even what the division of your incoming and outgoing calls looks like.  These insights can provide useful information to see where you can look to improve your behaviors – for example, whether it’s time to take a few steps back, or maybe to start being the one to initiate connections? 

A young woman smiling at herself in the mirror
The best way to look at yourself in the mirror is with CallApp

The number of calls you miss, including the person you miss the most calls from, can also be quite tell-telling about some changes that can be made. And the same goes for the calls you make that go unanswered, including both the amount and the specific people that appear to be ‘avoiding’ you. 

The future is here, the time to improve is here, and CallApp’s analytics and insights feature is here to help you do so.