Meet Dor Samet, The Charming Computer Geek

Dor Samet
Dor Samet

There seems to be something about CallApp’s employees where there is always more than meets the eye. And that is what I discovered about Dor Samet, one of CallApp’s Android Developers. He comes across as the ultimate cool dude (with one hell of a jawline I might add), but after sitting and listening to him passionately discuss his work as an Android Developer and the theory he loves to bring to life, it is clear he is the definition of a tech geek, and proud of it!

So much so that he even gets me, a literature major, sitting at the edge of my seat in suspense when he talks about things like ‘sim duality’ and ‘Android Academies’.

Q) What is your background in Android Development and how did you end up here at CallApp?

A) Honestly, in school I always thought I would study something more like law or business, but after realizing I had a natural talent when it came to coding and computers, one thing lead to another. I had a lot of fun in university and even opened up a game developer workshop. Just a group of young and bright-eyed computer geeks playing around- we even created our own game called ‘Rotator’ at one point!

Currently, I am also a mentor at a community called Android Academy where the goal is to teach beginner developers and exchange knowledge. Although I speak a handful of languages, I am most fluent in code and strongly believe it is the language of the future and something all kids should begin learning at school. It’s a dream for me to be a mentor in a program like this. Although the Android Community centers around theory which I enjoy, it is totally different from my daily work when it comes to my tasks at CallApp.

Q) What is it like to work at CallApp and how is it different from other jobs you have had in the past?

A) Working at CallApp is a totally different and cool experience. It is an intricate and small team so as opposed to larger organizations which are filled with long, boring team meetings and specific isolated tasks, we are a start-up, so it is way less formal. Yes, everyone has their tasks and runs with them, but each of us still needs to know more or less every aspect of the product. It’s a small team so if something goes wrong, we all put our heads together and work it out.

I also like the informality. I know I can go to my team leader and just chat about something that I need help with, and he will be happy to help out.

Q) As an Android Developer, what has been the most exciting thing you have worked on here at CallApp?

A) “My baby has been working on dual sim functionality in our app.” (‘What the hell is that?’ — I ask)

Well, all Androids have the ability to hold two sims and use each independently, but the capability isn’t organized, and many people experience problems. So that’s where I come in. It’s like trudging in the dark and trial and error- this is what I love and the main reason I came to CallApp. All the theory that I know and love is meant to fix all the problems. But then you come to CallApp and have to deal with real-life situations that are not documented to the end. Theory goes out the window and you are left in the dark Android forest with no flashlight making your way towards a solution, leaving breadcrumbs to help you find your way back. Does it get more exciting than that?