No Fails Tips For People Who Hate Speaking On The Phone

So you hate speaking on the phone? Well, for some reason, you’re not alone. In fact, not alone in the least bit. Apparently it’s some kind of millennial fever that many of us suffer from.  Either way, whatever the reason may be – whether it be laziness, fear, or just something we got used to avoiding, CallApp is here to offer some no-fail tips to deal with these feelings (you know, for those moments when you really don’t have a choice to not speak on the phone). 

An Asian girl sitting on the couch on her phone
It’s time to stop fearing the phone

One of the reasons why you might dread the phone is that you fear receiving a call that you’re not ready for – and dealing with that awkwardness of asking who’s calling, right? And that’s exactly where Caller ID comes in to save the day.  Not only can you decide whether or not to answer the call without worrying about missing something important by knowing who’s calling, but you can also take a few seconds while your phone rings and think through how you want to answer.   

If you fear receiving a call from someone you don’t want to hear from, whether it be a spammer, scammer, telemarketer, or really anyone that’s not worth your time, then just use Call Blocking to avoid even the thought of having an unwanted conversation.  That should surely help deal with your anti-speaking on the phone struggles. 

Perhaps another reason we tend to avoid the phone is that we prefer to have the conversation in front of us like we do while texting. But with Call Recording, you can speak on the phone without stressing out too much about remembering the small details. You’ll have the conversation saved in your phone to revisit at a later time, and don’t actually have to be too present in the conversation….unless of course, you have to contribute too. 

A woman wearing a white winter hat holding her phone
We’re here to help you.

And if you’re not a fan of phone calls because you’ve had enough of hearing the same old ringtone over and over again? Well that’s where our customized Video Ringtones comes in – offering you a reason to look forward to your phone ringing. 

Still hate speaking on the phone? Didn’t think so.