Protect Your Community – It’s Easier Than You Think

There’s no doubt in the world that you’ve received a spam or scam call. Hopefully, it was before your CallApp days, but either way, we’re confident that you’ve undergone such an experience at some point in your life.   

The natural thing to do (if you’ve already downloaded CallApp) would be to block the number, ensuring that you’ll never hear from this number again. You do so in order to protect yourself against both being bothered as well being taken advantage of – which is, completely invaluable and understandable too. 

But with CallApp, you’ll be pleased to know that you can do far more than just protect yourself.  You can help protect others too by not just blocking the number, but also reporting the number as spam. That way, others will also be warned against these kinds of numbers, and in turn, you’re pretty much a modern-day hero. And all you had to do was just click a button! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? 

Contributing to the community is easier than you know

CallApp is known to have the world’s largest phone number database with the most advanced Caller ID and Spam Blocking technology, and that’s really thanks to people like you who make community contributions to ensure that we’re all safe against spam and scam calls. 

This, of course, doesn’t mean that if you have an arch enemy that they can be marked as spam for everyone (although it would surely provide some nice revenge).  CallApp has more integrity than that and ensures to provide the most accurate information to everyone – which means that several users need to report a specific number before it’s marked as spam.  You can rest assured, however, that any number that needs to be marked as spam or a scam will be! 

Download CallApp now to stay safe and do good for your community too…it’s easy and free too.