Texting vs. Calling

The battle between texting and calling is never ending, with both advantages and disadvantages to each of these means of communication. While phone calls are generally encouraged, text messages tend to be a short and sweet way to save time and get the message across.  So which is better? Well, truth be told, it really depends on the specific situation, like if you’re in the bathroom. Some people apparently need this friendly reminder, that texting in this case is the way to go, because yes, people can in fact hear you. 

And what if you’re on your way home from work on public transportation? Well, yes, everyone else is surely listening in on everything you’re saying, and you’re probably better off texting.  Texting is also a great way to provide your friends and family with friendly reminders about small tasks, such as buying eggs on the way home, or if you need to quickly send a message when you’re rushing out.  The technology of text messages has also allowed us to confirm appointments with incredible ease.  And then of course, texting always comes in handy for those moments where you just don’t have it in you to speak on the phone, allowing you still communicate without having a full on conversation that requires effort and energy. 

A girl smiling at her phone
Many of us love to text endlessly

So when should we use our phone to actually call people? Yes, we do in fact mean to actually use it for what it was originally intended for! While for some it might be a crazy concept, making a call is actually super efficient, more so than a text in fact. Why spend your time typing out a novel when you can quickly say it out loud? There’s also something so special about speaking to a friend that you just can’t get over a text. In order to properly show your love and support for someone in need, calling is the best way to go. 

A woman speaking on the phone at her desk
There is something so special and personal about making a phone call

By speaking over the phone, we also avoid any kind of misunderstandings about tone or sarcasm that can be hard to understand over text. Phone calls are also seen as a professional and respectful way to communicate, meaning if it’s a job interview, your lawyer or even grandmother, you might want to pick up the phone. Either way, it’s safe to say that we need both texting and calling in our lives, but that we have to consider the circumstances and decide which is most appropriate.