The 7 Scariest Things About Scam Calls

We’re confident that we don’t need to tell you that you should aim to avoid receiving scam calls. But there’s a good reason why 100 million people use CallApp, and that’s because scam calls are a whole lot more frightening than you think.  Here are the 10 most scary things about them that you might not be aware of. 

  1. Scammers are highly experienced professionals that know exactly how to take advantage of you and hit you where it hurts. 

  2. No matter how smart you may be, phone scams are often hard to spot without the right technology to help you.  Caller ID spoofing is highly prevalent and it allows scammers to appear on your screen as a different number.

  3. On this note, many scammers convince their victims that they are someone else that they would be likely to trust, in turn, leading them to provide no shortage of personal and precious information to take rob innocent people out of their hard-earned money.

    A young man holding a white mask below his eyes

  4. Even if you realize you’ve fallen for a scam, it’s sometimes too late or too difficult to prove your case in court. Many times these malicious people and companies get away with their schemes.

  5. Scam calls are far more prevalent than you think – in 2019 alone it was reported that 63 billion spam calls were received in just the United States. Think about what that means on a global level.

  6. Research has also found that over half of all calls are actually spam calls. If you don’t have an advanced Caller ID or Spam Blocker app, just think about what that means for you.

  7. Even if you’ve put your number on all kinds of anti-spam/ do not call lists, that doesn’t mean that you’re protected against these calls.  These lists do not apply to illegal scams.

If you’re not scared yet, then don’t bother downloading CallApp