The Biggest Calling Mistake You Don’t Want To Make

Life is a learning process, and we are always going to make mistakes along the way, whether we like it or not. Nonetheless, we still aim wherever possible to avoid these mistakes by educating ourselves and finding ways around them. So when it comes to calling, what’s the biggest mistake you don’t want to make? Well, the answer is obvious. You surely don’t want to go without CallApp, because it will help you avoid all the common calling mistakes possible.

A distressed businessman with his laptop on an outside table
Don’t get yourself caught in common calling mistakes.

For starters, you really never want to answer the phone without knowing who’s calling you. That’s already a major mistake that far too many people make. Not only are you running the risk of potentially wasting your time with a spammer or scammer who might succeed in taking advantage of you and cause you great stress, because you’re also risking an uncomfortable situation.  If you haven’t saved someone’s number in your contacts, you surely aren’t going to want them to know. And if a job recruiter is calling you? Well, you also surely don’t want to let them know that you have no idea what their company does and the fact that you were still in bed when they called.  Avoid the trouble with CallApp.

You also want to make sure that you never receive a call that you don’t want to receive. We often give our numbers out of politeness, and then either stare at our phone until it stops ringing or answer and suffer through the call.  While this is a mistake we often make, you can still save everyone the headache and avoid taking things even further by simply blocking those numbers with CallApp. 

Another highly common calling mistake is not recording or documenting the call. We often don’t actually listen to what the other person is saying because we’re distracted or overwhelmed.  And as much as we may be trying to pay attention to every detail, we forget what was said – and then either embarrass ourselves by asking again or just let it be, hoping for the best.  Record all your calls with CallApp, and even enjoy our smart note feature that allows you to take notes during the call and save them in the contact’s details. 

A stressed out and frustrated man in a pink dress shirt on the phone
Never stress over a phone call with CallApp

And last, but most certainly not least, many people dread their phones, especially receiving a call, because it becomes a place of just work, work, work. But with CallApp, you can prevent this calling mistake with our super fun and customizable features such as video ringtones!