The Feelings We Get When We Recieve Unwanted Calls

There are so many unfortunate feelings that we experience when we receive an unwanted call.  For starters, there’s that horrible feeling when we don’t have caller ID (for some strange reason), and then seriously regret answering the call.  Even if no one is watching, we all make that face of death and roll our eyes like crazy. Note to self: get caller ID, right about NOW!

There’s also that frustrating moment when we realize we’ve been spoofed by the very same telemarketer just a few minutes later. Just when we thought we were so smart and swift, apparently not so much. We’re likely to have that look on our faces as though we’re about to explode into billions of pieces, and that anyone that wants to stay safe should run away ASAP.  Note to self once again: get caller ID even more urgently than before, and call blocking too. 

A girl with her hands on her head
Unwanted calls can cause so many feelings.

But there’s also that feeling of success when you manage to fool one of these telemarketers when you play dumb and they somehow fall for it. You’ve definitely done the victory dance for this one or the fist pump to celebrate because there’s nothing sweeter than the taste of revenge! Most of the time though, these telemarketers win the fight though, such as when they wake us up with a seriously unwanted call, and get us to jump up out of bed on the wrong side, or during your dinner when you’re super hangry (so hungry that you’re angry). 

An Asian woman on the phone and looking at flowers
It’s so important to have caller ID.

Basically, the only feeling you really want to be experiencing is the one where you know you’ll never receive an unwanted call again and that you always know who’s calling you. That’s where CallApp comes in. Happy calling!