The Future Of *67

Remember back in the day when *67 was our only chance at some calling privacy? We would use this secret code that we thought was so cool and innovative to make incognito calls to numbers that we didn’t want to be identified by for whatever reason (hopefully nothing harmful).  When using *67, the number we called would see a message on their screen saying something along the lines of ‘private number’ and they wouldn’t be able to know it was you calling. 

A woman wearing a white knit sweater
CallApp is the future of calling.

Today, we are the future of *67.  Not only because we allow you to easily make incognito calls through CallApp without having to dial some special code, but also because we give you endless opportunities for calling privacy – from all angles. CallApp allows you to always know who’s calling you from all possible platforms (with CallApp+), and decide whether or not you want to answer that call. Now, it’s in your hands to control caller identification on both sides. And even better, decide if you even want to permit this caller to call you in the first place through our call blocker. 

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Take charge of all your calls with CallApp.

So while once upon a time *67 seemed like a dream come true – CallApp has surely (more than) one-upped this feature.