The Low Down On One-Ring Scams

You’re holding your phone, playing around with some apps, flipping through some pictures, and all of a sudden, you’re caught off guard, and your phone starts to ring. But within a split second, before you can even think about answering, the caller has already hung up the phone.  

How could you possibly have reacted any faster? You couldn’t have – and that’s exactly the catch behind these one-ring scams.  You have a closer look – and realize that this long, foreign number looks pretty familiar, and in fact might be one that calls you on a regular basis around this time, but somehow, you always seem to miss it. 

A girl with red nails holding a phone
Even if you’re holding your phone, these scammers will hang up faster than you can answer.

You’re likely to be super curious as to who’s trying to reach you – and even more likely to be worrying that it’s about some important matters. And while there’s of course always the chance that it is a call you’d want to answer, it’s honestly more likely that it’s a scammer who had their fingers crossed you would do what they assumed you would – which is to call them right back. 

Calling them would probably leave you with a seriously hefty phone bill.  Generally, the scammer who called you, hung up and managed to trick you into calling back will get a cut of the charge that’s made to you.  It’s a clever, yet unfortunate scam that touches on the human nature of curiosity. We’re all constantly thinking about what we could be missing – which is why we are very likely to return that call from that unknown, unanswered number. 

A girl holding her phone and looking concered
Never return those one-ring scam calls.

So while the curiosity is going to kill you, do not call those numbers back! If it’s really important, they’ll leave a message. And if there’s a number that’s constantly trying to scam you – then block them with CallApp