The Mind-blowing Amount Of Spam Numbers CallApp Has Recognized

As spam expands itself across the globe at an unbelievable pace, so too does the number of spam numbers that CallApp recognizes (at least we can be grateful for this, right?).  So while we do of course hope that you don’t receive too many spam calls on a regular basis, we are rather proud to be the ones identifying these numbers for you, and in turn protecting you from answering these unwanted, and unfortunately, sometimes even risky calls.   

An illustrated can of spam being blocked off
We’re here to block spam, one number at a time.

We also hope that one day, spam calls will merely be a memory of the past, but in the meantime, we’re here for you to ensure that these numbers are not only identified, but also blocked once you make that choice, making spam calls already close to nonexistent for those that use CallApp. 

So believe it not, CallApp has already recognized an impressive 4 billion spam numbers. Yes, you heard that right, an entire 4 billion numbers have been recognized as spam by CallApp – and these numbers continue to grow daily.  And we can do so with the help of incredible people like you, CallApp users who report spam numbers to protect not only themselves from these callers, but also from others part of the CallApp community. 

An illustration of a businesswoman on the sofa
Never receive a spam call with CallApp.

But don’t get too excited just yet, merely reporting a number as spam won’t have your mortal enemy’s reputation ruined too easily, we do our checks and require reporting and confirmation from more than just one user….sorry, but we’re here to provide the most accurate spam blocker yet.   If you’re unsure what makes a spam caller, it’s anything that feels ‘spammy’ such as harassment calls, fraudulent callers, telemarketers, and even those just trying to sell you something.