The Pros & Cons of Analytics and Insights

As you’re likely already aware, everything in life has its pros and cons. So when it comes to our analytics and insights feature, we’d also like to share with you both the advantages and disadvantages of this unique new feature we offer our loyal users. 

The Pros:

1.The feature helps you better understand where your time is going – offering personalized data about all your calling patterns and behavior, CallApp’s analytics & insights gives you a look into how your phone time is really being spent that you wouldn’t otherwise have.  From your longest call to most favorite caller and caller you miss the most calls from, there’s really no insight the feature doesn’t cover. 

2.The feature can help you be more productive – by knowing exactly how you’re spending your time, you can learn how to better use it. Sometimes, we’re not aware of how much time we’ve wasted away speaking on the phone to a specific person, or how many calls we’ve really missed that should have been answered.  Maybe you’re even speaking too much during work hours without realizing. 

3.The feature can help you better self-reflect – by seeing who you’re spending the most time peaking on the phone with, or even who you’re avoiding the most (missed calls), it can be a great way to self-reflect and take a deeper look into your behaviors. 

4.The feature can help you save money – while many of us have unlimited calling plans, some of us pay as we go, or make long-distance calls and then are left with hefty bills without realizing how we got to that point. By seeing your calling analytics and insights, you can save yourself from making this mistake. 

CallApp's personalized analytics and insights feature

The cons 

1.You may have to face some harsh realities –  looking at your analytics & insights is a look into your behaviors, which also means that you might have to face some realities that you may have preferred to stay ignorant to, such as how many calls you miss, or perhaps the fact that most of your calls are outgoing. 

2.You may never want to use another app again-  once you use the analytics & insights feature, it’s likely that you’ll realize that you really don’t need any app other than CallApp to serve your daily needs. 

3.You may become completely obsessed with CallApp – it’s also highly likely that after using the feature, you’ll fall in love with CallApp and will always be thinking and talking about it too. But hey, there are worse things in life, right?