The Worst Calling Advice Ever

If you’re looking for the world’s worst calling advice, we can sum it up in one simple sentence. Don’t download CallApp. Yep, you got that right: if you want to suffer while communicating, avoid using CallApp at all costs. 

If you want to always be surprised and caught off guard when your phone rings, don’t download CallApp. 

If you want everyone to know that you never saved their number because they weren’t important enough to you, don’t download CallApp. 

A woman holding a smartphone to see who called her
If you don’t want to identify calls, don’t bother downloading

If you want to always be stressed out about missing a call and not know who it was from, don’t download CallApp.

If you want to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers who try to sell you overpriced items that you’ll never need, don’t download CallApp. 

If you want to be scammed out of your hard-earned money, then definitely don’t download CallApp.  

If you want to waste your time while communicating, then that’s another great reason to never download CallApp.

If you don’t want to ever see special memories when you communicate, then you better not download CallApp.

A hand sticking out of a blue screen
The worst advice yet is to not download CallApp

And there you have it – the world’s worst calling advice ever. And the best calling advice ever? Well, we’re confident you can figure that one out on your own.