What CallApp Can Reveal About You

While many of us are looking towards costly therapists and self-help guides to learn more about ourselves, in fact, CallApp can actually reveal a whole lot about you. How so? 

Well, when it comes to our Caller ID feature, you could be asking yourself which calls you choose to avoid, and then why?  For example, if you’re avoiding your boss, perhaps your job is causing you too much stress. If you’re avoiding your partner well then, maybe the two of you need to have a talk that you’ve been subconsciously pushing off. And if you sigh when your phone rings, wishing it was someone else other than the person calling, then maybe that also should serve as a sign that something needs to be done. 

A blonde woman in a red sweater looking at her phone
What does your calling behavior say about you?

When it comes to Call Blocking – consider the people you’ve chosen to block. While we’re all for blocking those callers that you don’t want to hear from, if you’re trying to better understand yourself, having a look through these contacts can surely reveal some truths about your hidden emotions. And if you’re recording all of your calls – ask yourself why? Do you have trust issues perhaps? Are you always expecting the worst of people? This is, of course, not to say that you should avoid using it! 

If you’re using missed call reminders – then this might be a sign that you’re really trying your very best to be on top of things and are trying to show your loved ones more respect than ever before (kudos). And if you’re in love with our customized ringtones? Well, not only do we really not blame you but maybe you’re all about the nostalgia and are missing all those beautiful memories.  Time to make some more? 

A woman in a white winter hat looking down at her phone
CallApp can be just as revealing as a costly therapist.

But hey – we’re all different and we all have different reasons for using CallApp’s unbeatable features!