What Is Spam & How Is It Affecting All Of Us?

What is spam? Good question. While you may be under the impression that its canned meat made from some juicy ham, in general, when we talk about it, we’re actually referring to inappropriate and irrelevant messages or calls that are sent or made to a very large number of unlucky people. And truth be told, you’re more than likely to be one of these people. Don’t worry, you did nothing wrong, these calls are shamelessly and indiscriminately made, and we’re very sorry that they exist. 

A man with headphones at an office
Spam calls are made indiscriminately

For that very reason, we exist too, however. Our goal here at CallApp is to put an end to these unwanted, annoying calls once and for all. How do we do so? Well with our unbeatable Caller ID to help you always know who’s calling, of course. We know how significant the effect of these spam calls truly is, and that’s why we do everything we possibly can to ensure you (almost) never receive these kinds of calls with our app.

Spam calls waste our precious time. They annoy us, they frustrate us, they give us headaches, they stress us out, and they push us to our limits. They cause us to not want to answer the phone if we don’t know who’s calling, and in turn, can cause us to miss out on important calls that we should have answered.  Spam affects us all, but we can’t let it take over. 

A man in a white shirt on the phone
Never waste your precious time with spam calls

Download CallApp now to always know who’s calling – and never receive a spam call again.