What The Future Of Calling Holds

What does the future of calling look like? Good question. If we could see into the future, then we would definitely tell you exactly what’s going to be. But in the meantime, we can at least tell you what we hope the future of calling will hold.  

A silhouette of a woman on a pink and purple background
We’re all wondering what the future holds.

For starters, in order to ensure the best and safest calling experience for all, we sure hope that CallApp becomes a global standard, on top of the 50 million current users. There’s no reason that anyone should go without always knowing who’s calling them, or that they should ever receive an unwanted spam or scam call. We’re hoping that together, we can put an end to this era, and make these terms merely a part of the past. 

A woman holding a crystal ball
What does the future of calling hold?

We hope that in the future, call blocking becomes the norm and that no one ever receives a call that they don’t want to receive. We hope that no one is ever harassed on the phone and that no one ever feels bad about preventing someone from reaching them.  We also hope that the future of calling means that all calls are recorded – for both your safety and comfort. And last, but not least, we hope that everyone becomes familiar with and takes advantage of our cute customization features because we’re all far too caught up in being productive all the time, and could use an extra dose of fun in our day to day lives.