Why Communicating Is So Hard And What You Can Do About It

Even with so much advanced technology, somehow communication has become even more complicated than it once was.  While we surely didn’t have as many options or as much ease back in the day to reach anyone instantly,  we’ve still managed to reach a point where we struggle to effectively communicate. Why is that, and what can we do about it? Great questions.

Let’s start with why

Once upon a time, if we wanted to reach someone, we would have to go all the way to their house, hope that they would be home, and then knock on their door in order to speak to them.  

Today, we have unlimited ways of communicating with just about anyone without making very much effort.  And while in theory, this ‘ease’ sounds like the greatest thing to have hit the planet, this allows us to invest less. It causes mayhem. We send messages to endless people and then forget to respond to them. We ignore or ‘ghost’ them because we feel as though we can, and don’t think about how it affects them. 

An illustrated image of three people communicating together
Nowadays, with endless means of communication, it can make things even more complicated

It causes us to forget to call people back and show them the respect they deserve. It causes us to be overwhelmed by communication. And it even causes people to communicate with us that shouldn’t be, such as scammers, spammers, and telemarketers. 

So what can be done?

CallApp is here to not only help you organize your communication but also to protect you against those that shouldn’t be communicating with you. CallApp serves as pretty much a personal assistant for free, allowing you to manage all your many priorities with advanced AI features, such as personal missed call reminders and other unique productivity features. 

A young trendy woman speaking on the phone
Enjoy CallApp as your personal assistant for free

Give your friends and family the respect they deserve when communicating, and never allow your phone to stress you out again by always knowing who’s calling and blocking spam calls.  Download CallApp now!