Why Do Random Numbers Call Me & Hang Up?

When you see a random number show up on your call screen, you may have big dreams and fantasies that it’s your high school crush calling, calling to announce her profound love for you.
But truth be told, unfortunately it’s more likely that you’re receiving a spam call…sorry.   

A man having a video conversation on the phone
Sometimes, we do really get the calls we dreamed of receiving

Have you ever had a random number call you (that hasn’t yet been identified by CallApp) and then hang up as soon as you answer.
Surely you have. And have you ever wondered why?

Well, as part of human nature, we are likely to call the number back.
By calling back, it may redirect us to an international number that comes with hefty fees, which is known to be the mother of all scam calls, and is to be avoided at all costs! 

A man working at a call center
Any established number is likely to be already recognized by CallApp

In many cases, these calls are made through bots that call endless random numbers – aiming to scam as many people as they possibly can.
Even if you aren’t caught in this specific call-return scam, by picking up the phone, you are showing the system that you are indeed an existing and active number – which in turn can lead to receiving EVEN more scam calls

If it really is your high school crush, then she’ll be sure to leave a message or send a text.
Never answer the phone if it’s an unknown number, and here at CallApp, we promise to do our best, together with your help to have all spam numbers reported and blocked.