Why We Need Caller ID

Other than our inevitable curiosity as human beings and of course the desire to avoid answering spam and scam calls, you might not be aware of all the endless reasons why we need caller ID in our lives, and how it can truly save us from situations that wouldn’t necessarily even cross our minds.   Just think about it.  What if you’re trying to surprise your boyfriend, wife or, best friend by doing something special for them?  If the delivery man is calling to let you know he’s on his way, then caller ID can help you avoid answering in front of them, or at least, avoid acting awkwardly like you’ve got something up your sleeve. 

What if your parents are calling you, and you’re doing something that you weren’t supposed to be, or you’re somewhere that you weren’t supposed to be? By knowing that it’s them calling you – you can take your time to think of a swift and confident response to get yourself out of this mess.  And even worse – what if your boss is calling you to check that you’re doing what you said you would but you’re actually at the movies right now?  Well, that’s yet another time where caller ID comes to save the day. 

A girl looking down at her phone in front of her desk
To answer or not to answer?

What if you’re trying to land a job? We’d surely all be seriously caught off guard if we received an unidentified call, and wouldn’t necessarily in the best, most professional way to the recruiter without caller ID. Even if your grandmother is calling you, caller ID comes in handy. You’re surely going to want to answer her with love, patience, manners, and of course, make sure that you’re not doing anything that she wouldn’t approve of.  If your neighbor is calling to check if you’re home to see if you can come to help them move? If you’re not up for it, just be sure to put your phone on silent and be very careful when walking around the house! 

A businessman on the phone in front of a building
Always know who’s calling you

Basically, it’s safe to say that no matter what your circumstances are, you’re going to want to have caller ID in your life.  Download CallApp now to avoid more than just scam calls.