The Call Blocker App You Need to Block Spam & Unwanted Calls

If you are looking for a call blocking app that allows you to instantly block any number, private or not, look no further than CallApp’s Call Blocker- the most advanced call blocking app in the market.
Since 2014, spam calls have risen at lightning pace with more than 2.3 billion spam calls recorded monthly in the United States alone.

Think about it- there are millions of people being interrupted during their daily lives by a machine!  And one that will not understand if you ask it nicely to please stop calling. Whether you wish to end this annoyance in your daily life, or simply gain more control
over who can reach you, everyone deserves to have the option to block a call
and our call blocker app gives our users this ability with the click of a

What Is Unique About Our Call Blocking App?

While most phones have primitive call blocking options, and while there are many call blocking apps available, at CallApp we combine or tech capabilities, our large database, and our creative techniques to give our users the ultimate call blocking app.

We have one of the largest databases in the world consisting of nearly 9 billion numbers. This huge database combined with our creative features provides us with the information and skills we need to make sure you are never bothered by spam calls again.

It is no wonder our app is trusted by nearly 40 million users from around the globe.

Read on to find out the ins and outs of our call blocking apps various features and how it works.


How Call blocking works

Our Call Blocker app has a number of options that make the blocking process easy, simple and tailored to our user’s desires.

From blocking Spam, a contact, to a private number, to silencing calls, CallApp’s call blocking app offers it all.

1. Block Common Spammers

Common Spammers are those numbers that our users have marked as spam callers. When we receive a substantial amount of notifications about a certain number, it goes on the list and all of our users are given the option to get instant primary protection from the common fraudulent callers on this list.


2. Block List

CallApp’s Block List allows you to add one of your existing contacts to the list of blocked numbers or enter a new number that you wish to block.

Any number or contact entered is blocked immediately.An additional feature with Block List is the possibility to block any numbers that start, contain, or end in the same series of digits. This is useful if you wish to block numbers coming from a certain city or country as well as businesses.


3. Block Private and Hidden Numbers

This feature allows you to choose if you want CallApp to block phone calls from private and hidden numbers instantly. Very often telemarketers and spam callers call through hidden numbers, so this is yet another method we apply to help you tackle spam calls.


4. Advanced Block Settings

The goal of our call blocking app is to give you the most advanced methods to protect yourself against unwanted calls. The advanced settings include blocking international numbers and numbers that you do not have saved.

Once you decide on the methods you deem most suitable to block incoming calls, we give you the option of how to deal with them: Hang up or silent. If you chose to hang up, the call does not even come your way, yet if you still wish to see when you receive a call there is the silent option where the call still comes through, but it is silenced.


Why It’s Worth It: 

In this day and age, many people have forgotten that privacy, peace of mind and security are rights, not privileges and the epidemic of spam calls is a main factor of how predators takes advantage of this vulnerability.

Our call blocking app provides the ultimate methods of identifying and blocking spam calls or unwanted numbers giving you back your rights and protect you against the epidemic of spam calls