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Block a number?

How can I block a phone number?

There are two ways to block a number or contact:
1. Press on the number or contact for several seconds. A menu will appear that include an option to Block. Click on “block” and the number will appear in the block list.
2. Click on the Block tab in the menu, press “Add new entry” and insert the number or contact you wish to block.

How do I report a spam number?

If we have yet to identify a number, then we will ask for your help to either confirm the contact is who we think they are, or tell us that it’s not them, as well as who they truly are.
This is where you can also mark the number as spam.

Can I block SMS too?

Yes! It’s the same process as reporting a spam number.

How can I block a caller?

Click on the contacts name, and on the top right you’ll see three dots. Click on the dots, and you’ll be given a few options.
Press block, confirm, and then you’ll be sure to never receive a call from that contact again.

For more information contact CallApp Support