Busting Common Myths

When we have a good thing in front of us, for some reason we always look for reasons to be skeptical. We never truly believe that something can actually give us everything we need without some kind of catch or problem.
So just like everything else in life, when it comes to CallApp and Caller ID features, many of us tend to believe false myths, but that’s exactly why
we’re to bust them. 

guy poking a girl

Caller ID Is Expensive

Well, maybe once upon a time it was expensive, but now, believe it or not, Caller ID is actually completely free. At least at CallApp it is!
So if you were ever worried that this whole concept of knowing who is calling you is some kind of money making scam…it’s not. We really believe that it’s your right to have Caller ID. And advertisers help us make that possible! 

People Will Know That I Blocked Them

Nope, not true! Unless they assume that you blocked them because their calls aren’t going through, they really have no way of knowing.
Your secret is safe with us, we promise! And if you really want to block someone, then we’re sure they deserve it anyway, so calm down please.  

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I Won’t Be Able To Make Outgoing Calls

What’s incredible about call blocking is that you can block certain numbers, but still call them! Isn’t it amazing? We would hope though that anyone you would block that you also wouldn’t try to get in touch with them, but it’s always nice to know that you have that power.  Call blocking will not affect your ability to make outgoing calls in any way. 

Missed Call Reminders Are Annoying

Maybe they ONCE were annoying, getting so many reminders to call people back that you couldn’t care less about and didn’t intend to call back in the first place. But now thanks to CallApp’s smart missed call feature, you’ll never be annoyed again.
The unique algorithm understands your calling behavior, and makes sure to only send you frequent reminders about the calls that are most important.