CallApp’s Caller ID — The Foresight You Need to Get Ahead

Meet Tom. Tom worked hard his whole life. He took the right classes, got accepted into the right university, and maintained a good grade average. Tom had a dream. His dream was to enter the finance working world. His vision was of him sitting in a comfy chair in a big office and overlooking the city, a receptionist with coffee in hand on speed dial.

Tom is still working as a cashier in the neighborhood supermarket. Despite his solid work and big dreams, the opportunity never came his way and his job hunt got too tiring and unrewarding to continue. Tom still sends out his resume for an hour every Sunday morning.

Tom waiting desperately

Meet Bill. Bill worked hard his whole life too. Just like Tom he took the right classes, went to the right university, and had a dream. Today Bill sits in a leather armchair in an office that smells of rich mahogany and his receptionist greets him every morning with a piping hot coffee in hand.

How did this happen for Bill? How did he get so lucky? The truth is, it has nothing to do with luck. It is not lucky that Bill knew exactly when a job recruiter called thanks to Caller ID. It is not lucky Bill could stop everything he was doing and answer that call prepared for his life to change.

Successful Bill

It is not luck, it is foresight. And THAT is what CallApp gives you.

We are no longer in the day and age that we have to walk around blindfolded to the unknown numbers that come our way. We are no longer living in a time of missed opportunities. Who knows how many times an unfamiliar number called Tom just waiting to hand him his dreams.

CallApp is a leading Caller ID application that has changed the way we face phone calls. While all Android phones have basic Caller ID functions the problem is most phone calls we get, especially the ones presenting new opportunities, are from numbers we don’t yet have in our contact list!

Caller ID

Our Caller ID app does not only help to block spam callers and unwanted numbers, but it also allows you to know and be ready for when you get that important call you have been waiting for. With one of the biggest databases in the market, you can ensure you will always know who the real caller is behind the call.

But you won’t only be presented with a name, CallApp gathers all the useful information possible about your mobile contacts. From social media accounts to a relevant social media picture matching who is calling, your contact detail will be a well-crafted representation of the person on the other side, putting you in the power seat when you receive that unknown number.

Don’t be a Tom, be a Bill and get your hands on that foresight that could change the path of your life. Let CallApp help you bring that ‘luck’ on your side. Download our Caller ID app today!