Caller ID Killed Prank Calling

Remember the good old days when we would make prank calls as children?

Well, Caller ID now killed that. But truth be told, none of us are really mourning it all, although it was fun while it lasted.
The thing is though – it really was only fun for the children on the other end that didn’t know any better.

A modern man answering an identified call
Today, everyone also knows who’s calling, putting an end to prank calls.

Those that were getting these calls though? They surely didn’t appreciate it, and they surely don’t miss it too. Prank calls were one of the most annoying things in the history of ever and were completely disrespectful. 

While we don’t support scam callers or telemarketers in any way, shape, or form, we do understand that their ultimate goal is to take our money.
When it comes to prank calls though? The goal is literally just to drive the victim up the wall and hear their frustration from miles away, which has no constructive purpose from any perspective. 

An angry emoji to represent that this is an unwanted call.
Our phones today always know when an unwanted calling is coming.

Now, with the modern introduction of Caller ID, prank calling is a lot harder to come by.
Most people won’t answer the phone if they don’t know who’s calling, at least not for the second or third time. And anyone in their right mind won’t be making one of these calls with an identifiable number. 

So kids these days might think they’ve missed out, but we’re over here celebrating the death of prank calls and are super grateful for apps like CallApp that keep us safe and sane.