Can They Discover You Blocked Them?

So someone has been harassing you, calling you non-stop, driving you crazy, stressing you out and giving you some serious headaches. Literally every time your phone rings, you feel like you’re going to enter a cardiac arrest.  

Man calling

Perhaps it’s a spammer whose been trying to sell you something you don’t need and take advantage of you somehow.  Perhaps it’s your ex-boyfriend that just doesn’t seem to get the message no matter what. Although it’s of course flattering how he can’t get over you, it needs to stop already. You need your life back. 

You decide to block this person that doesn’t stop calling you for your own good.  You feel soooo good about it, to finally have some peace and quiet and to not have to worry every time your phone rings. But in the back of your head, you still have that fear inside of ‘what if they discover I blocked them?’.

This fear is completely normal, and you’re not the first person to ever experience it. Let’s start with that. But rest assured, no one will ever be able to see that they’ve been blocked. It’s your private right. The only way they would really know is if their calls stop going through. 

They may assume that you’ve blocked them, but they may also think that perhaps you have problems with your phone or something, and  they still have no way to know for sure what’s really going on.

Woman talking on phone

And even if they decide that you’ve blocked them, so what? Don’t you deserve the right to decide who’s allowed to call you or not? Don’t you deserve the right to privacy and to be left alone when you ask to be? 

Of course you do. Call blocking is your right and you have nothing to be ashamed of.