How CallApp Can Help You Manage Your Calls (And Life)

As if life wasn’t already hectic enough…we have endless phone calls from all kinds of people that we either know or don’t, coming in at all times to add to our daily stress. Even if we don’t answer the calls, sometimes those missed calls sit heavily on our shoulders until we deal with them.  And not knowing who called us in the first place is a whole other story! Well, that’s exactly where CallApp comes in. More than just a phone call app, it’s here to help you manage not only your calls, but your life too..




Missed Call Reminders

So how can CallApp help you manage your calls? Well, CallApp is currently working on a personalized missed call reminder feature. What does this mean? Well, not only will your app be reminding you that you’ve got a missed call…but it will also help you prioritize your missed calls too. Because really who has time to get back to everyone nowadays? The unique algorithm will be built specially for YOU based on what you decide. Stay tuned…. 

Phone Number Lookup App 

Missed a call and don’t know who it was from? Well, there’s no need to stress and go without knowing. CallApp’s phone number lookup feature is here to save the day, as it enables users to just search the number in the database to always know who called them, even if they didn’t manage to pick up on time. Return those missed calls with confidence! 

Caller ID & Blocking

We all want to know how to block calls on Android. One of the most basic, yet useful features of CallApp is their Caller ID.  By always knowing who called you, you can reduce a whole lot of unnecessary headaches from your daily life.  You can prevent spam and telemarketing calls from wasting your precious time, and can even block specific numbers that you want to avoid. You never have to stress out again when your phone rings with this call blocker app. 

Social Media Syncing

While Caller ID from incoming calls is great and all…sometimes it’s enough. What if we get a Whatsapp message from an unknown number? Well, CallApp has thought it all through, ensuring that all of your contacts are as organized and identified as can be! With your permission, CallApp can turn your Whatsapp messages, Viber contacts, Facebook friends and Instagram followers into identifiable contacts on your phone. 

Making Calling Fun

CallApp not only helps identify calls, but they also do everything they can to ensure that the calling experience is a fun and personal as possible! From personalized video ringtones, to customized skins and backgrounds, CallApp makes all your calls ones that you will want to receive.