How I Landed The Job

Thanks to CallApp, I landed the job I never thought I would, and I’m here to share with you my personal success story. Perhaps one day, you’ll be able to share yours with the CallApp community too. 

I used to send out resumes like wedding invitations. In fact, it would actually be more accurate to say that I would send them out like companies make spam calls through robots. Yes, it was unfortunately that mindless.

find job 

I was so desperate for a job, so fed up of the search, with every posting sounding pretty much the same, nothing was ever truly of interest, and I found it hard to really believe that anything would ever come out these emails. So without looking or really thinking too deeply, I just copy pasted a basic cover letter to each and every company, attaching my CV, sometimes probably even forgetting to include the attachment. Yeah, it was bad.  

Although many companies did get back to me, I always ruined it completely. I would be completely caught off guard every time the phone would ring. Either I was half asleep, or in the middle of something else and just couldn’t be bothered to be polite.  Especially not knowing who was calling me, I would always just assume it’s someone trying to sell me something and waste my time. 

Even when I did realize it was a company that I had applied to calling, I never knew what their company actually did, what the position entailed and didn’t even remember applying for it either. It wasn’t hard for them to figure out either, and not just because I didn’t take up acting in high school.

I became my own worst enemy, constantly embarrassing myself in front of the recruiters, showing them that I had made minimal effort and showed little interest in the company, since I was never prepared for those calls. 

I reached a breaking point. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was fed-up, but I needed a job. I needed money, and I needed to get out of the house and start doing something with myself. I reached out to a career coach for answers. 

She had a look at my resume and knew that it wasn’t the issue. I surely wasn’t lacking experience. I told her the breakdown of the job search process, and she quickly understood what the problem was….

looking for a job

Although writing down the details of each company I apply to is of course beneficial, and actually taking the time to read through them and only apply to relevant and interesting positions.. it’s not 100% needed (although always helpful). What is needed however, she explained to me, is a good Caller ID app

By actually knowing who’s calling me before I answer, I could take the time to look up the company, look up what they’re about, what they’re looking for, and call them back when it was right for me. When I felt confident, well-rested and ready to show them what I’m made of. To show them that I know exactly what they do, and explain to them exactly why I’m the perfect fit for the job.

So yes, thanks to Caller ID, I eventually figured things out, and landed myself a job that I’m pretty pleased with. My lesson to you: knowing who’s calling you in absolute gold, always.